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Amazon Rainforest

Amazon rainforest
The river and its rainforest are inseparable. This couple is one of the last lungs of earth. Biologically is one of the richest places in the world in biodiversity, which lost may cause several damages to the humanity.  It is our moral responsibility to take care of this tropical forest because more than the third part of the species of the world live and reproduce in it.  According to recently studies, the Amazon River is the largest in the world, covering 2’300,000 square miles, which is the 20% of fresh water of the world.

In the Amazon lives the largest freshwater fish of the world called Paiche (Arapaima Gigas) which can grow up to 2.50 m.  We can also find the Ronsoco which is the biggest rodent of the world.  There are about 30,000 types of plants that grow in the Amazon shore, as well as 4,000 different species of butterflies and 2,000 different kinds of fish (more than those found in the Atlantic Ocean),  4,000 species of birds, 150 species of reptiles and 361 species of mammals.

Amazon rainforest
This extraordinary biodiversity is the consequence of the intense rain and the complex topography.  In this eco-region, we can find the flat tropical forest, flooded areas covered with date palms and 69,000 miles of bamboo.  This makes possible the fast growth of tropical plants, like some palms (triartea bactris euterpe) also other kinds of vegetations like the bromiliaceas, 22 varieties of the appreciated orchid, climbing plants and lianas, like the Uncaria tomentosa (Cats Claw, which is used to prevent cancer and HIV) and ayahuasca (hallucinogenic plant).  We can observe in the three trunks different kinds of ferns, lichen, and moss.  It is the home of Victoria Regia, the largest aquatic plant in the whole world; its diameter may reach 2 meters.

With flora diversity like this, many animals find a perfect habitat for living, the same that your passengers can watch in this pleasant visit to Muyuna Lodge.

If you come to Peru independently or book a tour to visit the Amazon, it is necessary to plan it.  Visit the Amazon is a unique experience at any time of the year.  And if you combine a tour that offers a professional service with the adventure of traveling to a remote and unexplored area, satisfaction is guaranteed. 


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