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Environmental Impact

One of our priorities is to preserve the environment as we found, finding the proper use of resources without destroying those which cannot be returned it. This is an essential part of the policy of Muyuna Lodge, which extends from the office in Iquitos, to the lodge and even the towns near the lodge. These are some of the actions taken:

  • As we have mentioned, Muyuna has been built, mostly with materials from the same area, keeping strict relation to the environment, as well as providing jobs for the residents of San Juan de Yanayacu steadily.
  • The drains of the bathrooms and kitchen go into septic tanks that from time to time we make the necessary treatment.
  • Muyuna Lodge buys products Jardin del Zen, Peruvian company that uses only organic implements for producing amenities of the highest quality in the market. They are made from natural essences of camu camu, passion fruit, lemon, passion fruit or coconut. The containers are made from PET plastic, which are taken to Lima, where they are recycled to support the campaign ANIQUEM to fund its work to help burned children. The basket, which presents the product, is made from chonta palm fibers, made by the community, "Mi Esperanza", which are for sale.  The sale of this baskets also support them financially.
  • For food, we use many local products such as fruits, vegetables and fish. We are not vegetarians; the menu contains meat, eggs, pork, milk, eggs, chicken and fish. However, we do not kill animals that are endangered - even though some passengers insist. If you are vegetarian, please let us know in advance so we can relay this to the chef.
  • We have a recycling program, which works in the office of Iquitos and the lodge. We separate the organic waste garbage, which serves to fertilize plants that we sow, the plastic and paper are taken to a collection center in Iquitos.
  • We also keep the used batteries and take them to a recycle center in Lima. 
  • For camping and full day expeditions, we use reusable dishes and glasses. We leave the place as clean as we found it.
  • We use sheets and towels made from 300 thread count cotton of the highest quality in Peru. To wash them, we use a biodegradable detergent and also give employment to women from the village of San Juan.  In Muyuna we don’t use iron.
  • People living in the forest don´t have a supermarket where they can go.  They have to get their needs from the rainforest.  However, when working in Muyuna and see that passengers traveling from other countries come to see free animals is that they have begun to reverse their feelings and now they do not hunt animals. This is one of the reasons why Muyuna hires mostly employees from the surrounding towns.  Definitely a point that makes us proud.
  • At all times, we try not to disturb the animals. 

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