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Iquitos is based in the heart of the Peruvian Rainforest, located in the northeast of Peru, Southamerica. The biggest privilege that it has is that the majestic Amazon River has its source here.

Iquitos is the only place in Peru where you can see the authentic AMAZON RIVER

At the present time, Iquitos has 160,000 habitants. It has an international airport, excellent restaurants, bars, casinos, pubs, banks, good hotels (including a 5 stars one). All of these give the tourist an excellent quality of service, making them if feel as being at home.

Iquitos is a unique city that is accustomed to isolation due to the absence of highways, it expresses itself in its very particular life style, the color and joviality that are shown in its streets and the hospitality of its people, in an atmosphere in which life passes between the peace of its rainforest and the progress of the city.

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