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Bungalow at Muyuna LodgeMuyuna Lodge is not a Resort. The bungalows are basic, but comfortable and clean.  There are no electricity, no internet, no cell signal, no newspapers.  What we try to do is to preserve the natural environment.


  • The bungalows are fresh and are hermetically protected-mesh screens on the windows and roof, but maintain the privacy.
  • Distribution is done according to what the customer needs (single bungalows, double or matrimonial bungalows, family bungalows, etc.).  In addition, each cottage has a full ensuite and modern bathroom.
  • All rooms have a terrace with hammock overlooking the forest or the river where you can see, for example, dolphins swimming in flood season. You can be pleased by colorful sunsets and by the deafening silence of the rainforest at night.
  • See more pictures here.

Power Supply

  • The lamps give a magical touch to the tropical night, as there is no electricity in the lodge.  The hallways are also lit.
  • Due to the low population density in the area, there are no antennas, therefore, no cell signals.
  • We are in constant communication with Iquitos office by radio. In the afternoon, using a small generator, we can charge the batteries of cameras and lap tops.

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