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Analia Sarfati and Percy Sánchez, a young couple from Lima, Peru, and Santiago, their son, decided to make this adventure in 1999. They traveled along the beaches, rivers, valleys and huge mountains of Peru, but none of these wonders made what the rainforest planted within them.  They fell in love with the Amazon River and its jungle.  They searched for the best place to build the lodge, far from civilization, and with effort and with the help of the people of San Juan de Yanayacu, a dream of harmony came true.  Since then, they have treated Muyuna as a child and we can proudly say that Muyuna is an example of matching what is said with what is done. Muyuna shows the world a sustainable approach to responsible tourism.  Many travelers have been left trapped by Muyuna legend, returning more than once.

Unlike many lodges in Iquitos, Muyuna is fully Peruvian, including the employees in Iquitos and in the jungle.  Also the majority of implements and amenities that are used, from the sheets, towels, bath products, food, etc. that are used, in addition of being excellent quality, are made in Peru.

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