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The Staff

Muyuna is a team that includes local people of San Juan de Yanayacu (jungle) and Iquitos (city).  From the Iquitos airport, will be assisted by the trasladist, driver, coordinator, reservations, etc., and, in the jungle, waiters, guards, guides, assistants, all under the performance of the manager.

The manners that the guides communicate their knowledge and enthusiasm are the most important things for having a grateful experience.  That is the reason why an exhaustive searching is necessary.  In our bilingual guides, we have found the necessary humility and confidence that is needed.  They, all Peruvians, were born and raised around the jungle, having enough knowledge to be doctors applying natural medicine whenever it is needed, and in other moments seem to be part of the nature climbing huge trees like jungle animals.  You will find on them the enough knowledge for answering the most strange and researched questions than an expert biologist may ask.

Also we have guides native of San Juan de Yanayacu village, as they are local and always have lived in the jungle, they don’t speak English but they know a lot about the rainforest and all kind of species in flora and fauna.  If you are able to understand Spanish you can request to be with one of them.  The other guides speak fluently English.  In French MUYUNA counts with a young Peruvian who lived in France many years.  He is the guide translator, this is the reason why there is a supplement of S/.90 per day, per group.

Following our philosophy of making the passenger feel comfortable and satisfied, the guide will do all his best to reach this goal. This is possible because the groups are small, in this way you’ll feel safe and free to ask questions and do the activities you wish.

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