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Upgrades to improve your stay

  • Tours can be performed more in line with the preferences of each traveler. The groups in MUYUNA are small, however, some passengers prefer to be alone with their guide, feeling free to ask specific issues and stop when they are most interested. We offer one exclusive guide only for you, for S/.90 per day.
  • Breakfast is usually served in the central dining room, but you can request room service to the bungalow the previous night, at a cost of S/.30 in total, for every 2 people in the bungalow.
  • We can decorate the bungalow in a special romantic way, waiting with chocolates, tropical flowers and a bottle of wine. The cost of this surprise for the couple is S/.100. 
  • The 6 days tour includes 1 night of camping without an extra fee.  However, if you want to make camping having less days than 6, we can take you for S/.180, per couple.

Impruve your stay

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