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WeatherAs in the entire world's rainforests, in Iquitos, we enjoy a tropical climate.  Every day of the year is hot and humid.  Many books and the Internet say that the rainy season is from December to April, but the reality is different.  Rains occur throughout the year and are unpredictable.  Rarely last for hours and the higher the intensity, the faster it passes.

From April to June, the water level of the Amazon River rises.  Muyuna stays above water and is more often to use canoes.  It's a nice time to see pink dolphins in front of the cabins.

The white sandy beaches are formed from July to September. This is the best time to fish and have a nice picnic in the beach.

You can visit Muyuna any time of the year.  Not that one season is better than the other, they are different. We can do many activities and you can see animals with or without rain.


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