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What to bring


  • Swimming suit.
  • T-shirts or long sleeved shirts with a hood and light colored cotton. The darkness attracts mosquitoes!
  • Shorts
  • Gloves against mosquitoes.
  • Long pants and thick enough so that mosquitoes cannot get through.
  • T-shirts.
  • Socks for use with boots.
  • Fresh nightwear.
  • Rubber boots for walking. You can buy or rent in Muyuna’s Iquitos office or shops in Iquitos and cost approx. S/.25.


  • Snickers for use in night boat ride.
  • Sandals to walk in the lodge.
  • A hat that gives plenty of shade.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Repellent only need to use it for walks. Try not to use it much because it leaves their toxins in the environment. We recommended protecting with clothing.
  • Sunscreen.
  • A flashlight.
  • A bag for dirty clothes.
  • Rain poncho (Muyuna sell them at a very cheap price).
  • Binoculars.
  • A good book.
  • Camera and a plastic bag for them.
  • Small backpack to carry insect repellent, water, etc. during excursions.


  • Fortunately, there are no antennas for cellular near Muyuna, so you do not need to bring it.
  • Because space is limited in the boat, bring your luggage that is necessary to the jungle. The extra luggage you can leave it Muyuna office in Iquitos.

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