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Why Muyuna?

Highlights Muyuna

  • Strategic location.  MUYUNA is located in the Yanayacu river banks at 140 kms. (84 miles) southeast from Iquitos city, very close to the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, with its 2’080,000 hectares, it is the biggest in Peru.  
  • Thanks to the remoteness of the lodge, in Muyuna we GUARANTEE observation of birds, monkeys, sloth, dolphins, fish, etc. in their natural habitat. 
  • You can observe the Wattled Curassow (Crax globulosa), a bird thought to be extinct.
  • We can organize a catch & release fishing trip to look for the Peacock Bass (Cichla ocellaris).
  • Being located in a small tributary of the Amazon, where there is only one entry, there is no presence of fishing boats, or lumber, not many tourists (mostly only going to MUYUNA). The place is intimate and solitary, surrounded only by nature.
  • Muyuna Lodge is a small and intimate lodge.  Distribution is done according to what the customer needs (single bungalows, double or matrimonial bungalows, family bungalows, etc.)
  • The groups in MUYUNA are small, however, some passengers prefer to be alone with their guide, feeling free to ask specific issues and stop when they are most interested. A good example is a tour focuses in birds. We can offer one exclusive guide only for you.

Highlights Iquitos

  • Iquitos is the only place in Peru where you can see the authentic AMAZON RIVER
  • The PINK DOLPHINS live only here.
  • Iquitos is the only place where you can see the VICTORIA REGIA.  This is the largest aquatic plant in the world.  It can grow to two meters in diameter.
  • You can COMBINE a night in Iquitos and then go to the jungle.  We have from basic to 5 stars hotels, plus many activities which tourists enjoy lots (huge tropical parties, Belen market, a gourmet floating restaurant where you are taken by 5 minutes boat, Butterflies farm, and much more.)
  • The Amazon River is one of the NEW 7 NATURAL WORLD WONDERS.

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